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The actual Lifegear USA company cease to exist in 2007
leaving thousands without access to most parts.

Due to the large amount of lifegear inquiries we now get ...

No parts orders or parts questions are taken by phone ... E-mails only.


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We don't recommend buying a "Lifegear" brand product because ....

We've offered to buy parts from Lifegear Taiwan to service U.S. customers,
but they refuse unless we purchase more containers of their products.
We refuse to buy anymore "Lifegear& Earthgear Products"
until they services their previous customers here in the USA.

Feel free contact Lifegear Taiwan about leaving American customers without parts.

Their e-mail address is:

Lifegear's website is:
They don't reply to your e-mail unless you show interest in buying a container of inversion tables.
They do read their emails, so send them one and let them know how you feel.