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inversion exercise
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The Back Revolution
Teeter Tables
Needak Rebounders
The Back Revolution

Welcome to Inversion Therapy!

Inversion Therapy is a natural, anti-gravity therapy to increase circulation, relieve back pain and reduce tension and stress. And as America’s Inversion Experts, we’ll get your back on track here at Inversion USA.

We provide doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, our military, NFL teams, sports trainers, athletes and customers alike with inversion tables, back stretchers, and spine therapy products.

Priding ourselves on the highest quality inversion equipment anywhere, we sell equipment and products from leading companies, including: Teeter Hang Ups, Ironman, Stamina, Healthmark and more.

We’re so sure that you will look and feel better than ever with less back pain that we offer the lowest prices on spine therapy products, coupled with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Inversion USA inversion tables and sports therapy equipment will help you: