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Teeter Hang Ups Blemished Invert Align 5 Inversion Table
Customers return products for various reasons. Many just changed their mind after brief use it and decided to return after a week or two. Many blemished products have never been used ... merely returned unopened and then repackaged and sold as a blemished product. Blemished items may show nicks or a small amount of wear as a result of shipping or brief use - but only products with superficial flaws are resold. By purchasing a blemished model, YOU agree to accept the product with superficial flaws. Teeter Hang Ups promises that all blemished products have been inspected to ensure structural integrity and function of product remains of the highest quality. The full manufacturer’s standard warranty is still included too!

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Teeter Hang Ups
Invert Align 5 Blemished
Inversion Table

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With the ankle lock ratchet included, full warranty included, and the price discounted almost $200 from MSR, this table is the buy of the year !

Target back pain at the source with the best-rated inversion table on the market.  Just a few minutes a day on the Teeter can naturally stretch the back and spine to help relieve back pain, improve joint health, and increase flexibility, plus build and tone muscles with inverted exercises.

* Independent Quality-Assurance Tested to Highest Safety Standard: Voluntary compliance to UL’s inversion table safety standard for certified quality.

* Rated #1 Inversion Table: Outlasts and outperforms the competition in product evaluation tests. Rated by Dynamark Engineering as the best inversion table for endurance, strength, rotation control, and ease of assembly.

* FitFlex® Bed: Built for the benefits with a pressure-reducing design that maximizes spinal comfort and flexes with the user to enhance joint mobilization.  In black.

* Optimum Decompression Surface: The smooth surface reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve the optimum decompressive stretch.

* No Tear, No Stain Construction: The FitFlex Bed is more durable than typical nylon or vinyl beds vulnerable to wear and tear. The easy-to-clean surface ensures pristine appearance over years of use.

* EZ-Reach® Ankle System: The extended handle for the ankle lock system provides an easy-to-reach solution in addition to its triple lock security feature.

* Ankle Comfort Dial®: The foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing a comfortable and secure fit for the ankle clamps.

* Precision Balancing: Compared with competing brands, engineering tests have shown that Teeter inversion tables are the most precisely balanced. The superior design allows controlled oscillation with minimal effort, promoting fluid movement in the joints, and allows secure lockout in full inversion for advanced exercises and stretching.

* Pre-set Rotation Control: The adjustable or removable tether strap allows you to easily pre-determine your maximum angle of inversion.

Stable Base (and added floor protection): Protects floors and increases stability.

Product Specifications

• Height capacity: 4'8" - 6'6"
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
• Assembled: 60" x 28.75" x 57"
• Packaged: 48.4" x 28.7 x 8.3"
• Packaged weight: 71 lbs
• Warranty: 1-year

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* = UL listed means it has been tested and classified by Underwriter's Laboratories, an independent testing facility that has been testing products for public safety for more than a century. The IA-5 was tested at a 400% safety factor in its extreme fully inverted position.