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We don't recommend buying lifegear products because you can't get parts.
Lifegear Company went out of business years ago in the USA and all their product line including inversion tables and parts were auctioned off to the public. We will not offer any LifeGear products including inversion tables until Lifegear Taiwan offer us parts to sell to thousands and thousands of loyal inversion table consumers that bought Lifegear products here in the USA.

We know where to get parts, but Lifegear refuses to sell only parts.
InversionUSA has tried to buy parts to resell from Lifegear in Taiwan, but they refuse to sell consumers repair parts unless we purchase another container of inversion tables, which we refuse to do. Feel free to let your opinion known to Lifegear about leaving their customers in American without parts. Let them know that InversionUSA would be more than happy to offer Lifegear parts, but Lifegear Taiwan refuses.

Would you like to contact them and let them know how you feel?
They won't respond unless you show interest in buying a container of their products.
Here is their website: www.lifegear.com.tw/

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Click here for generic heel cushions & lifegear owners manuals.