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Generic Heel Cushions

Due to the large amount of lifegear inversion table inquiries ...

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Generic Heel Cushions & Heel Cushion Holder

Contact your inversion table manufacturer for parts when possible.

inversion therapy heel cusions

2 half moon heel cushions with metal heel cushion holders

Dimensions of Heel Cushions

The black heel cushions fit metal heel brackets that are 5 1/8" long x 2 3/16" wide. The hole is 7/8" wide. If your existing heel holder bracket is larger, most likely your original heel cushions are larger than these.

Each heel cushion INCLUDE one 5 1/8" metal heel holder bracket with a 7/8" round hole to match cushion. We do not sell heel cushions without the metal part.

NOTE: We do NOT sell heel cushions without this metal holder because your existing metal bracket may not line up with these replacement heel cushions. Dimension around the curve of the outside of the U of the heel cushion is 6 5/8" wide. The length along the outside of the back is 4" long.

Heel cushions orders are fulfilled twice a month by a third party.
Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order.

Note: Faster processing & shipping is available in shopping cart

2 half moon heel cushions and 2 metal heel holder brackets - $21.95


4 half moon heel cushions and 4 metal heel holder brackets - $39.95


Check your existing measurments before ordering. We have tried to be as specific as possible regarding specs of these imported heel cushions. Less than one percents of customers have remarked that our cushions are not as comfortable as their original heel cushions and some have said our metal brackets are not as thick. Heel cushions should slide snugly onto your shaft. Undue force used to install these cushions to your shaft will crack the cushion around the shaft holes, making them non-returnable.

Guarantee & Returns: The factory guarantees these heel cushions for a period of 30 days after receiving them. If they do not fit, you may return these heel cushions to us within 2 weeks of receiving them. They MUST be in new condition and not damaged to receive a refund. You will be responsible for shipping charges back to us. Once return is inspected and determined to be in new condition, we will issue a refund less actual shipping costs to your location.